VoguePay parades an array of very impressive features for free. See for yourself! We are becoming Nigeria's largest merchant account providers and we offer you the lowest fees, no contracts, and no application fees. We are helping thousands of online and offline merchants make highest profit from their sales with our collection of user friendly tools. Look through the list below and see why we are happy to be the best payment processor in Nigeria.

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One user account for unlimited no of websites

We are helping people to accept payment from unlimited number of websites with our payment platform. All under a single VoguePay account.

Accept payment without a website

You don't necessarily need a website before you can receive payment on VoguePay. You can simply login and send an email invoice to your client. The invoice is payable into your VoguePay wallet by just clicking on the link inside the email.
You can customize your email invoice before sending. Sign in to see for yourself.

Withdraw money from your VoguePay wallet to your bank account

  • Withdraw money anyday.
  • No special days of the week/month for withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal works everyday including sundays.
  • Withdraw into as many bank accounts as you wish.

Automatic button codes

Don't know programming or html? Dont worry, just use our button code generator and paste the generated code on your website.
  • Button code does all the html coding for you.
  • Code works on all browsers
  • Works on most mobile sites (No javascript or flash)
  • Generate as many buttons as possible
  • Use multiple buttons on one website
  • Use one button on multiple websites
  • Totally free.

Free shopping cart

Generate free shopping carts with our shopping cart generator.
  • No programming required.
  • Shopping cart works with unlimited number of products
  • Totally free.

Transfer money to other members

You can transfer money to other VoguePay members from your VoguePay account.

Create recurrent transfers.

You can schedule transfers to be carried out on a recurrent basis to specific VoguePay members.
  • Set the start day for the recurrent transfers
  • Specify the recurrent transfer interval in days

Track all SMS and email messages

Track all sent and recieved invoice messages, transaction messages and notification messages.

Operate account via sms

You can operate your account by sending formated sms to our longcode number.
No internet connection? Never mind. you can manage your acount by sms.
  • Check your account balance by sms
  • Check the last transaction details on your account by sms
  • Check the last successful transaction details on your account by sms
  • Check the last failed transaction details on your account by sms
  • Check the last invoice payment on your account by sms
  • Check the last payment by a particular email or username by sms
  • Transfer money to another member by sms
  • Withdraw money from your wallet into your pre-configured bank accounts by sms
  • Send invoice to your clients email by sms
Click here to see full details, sms formats and examples.

Receive email or SMS alerts on all your transactions

You can choose to receive sms and/or email alerts for every transaction on your account.

Free extension/modules for Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, e.t.c

We provide free modules that you can install for Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal.

Free mobile phone applications

Get free application for ...
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone
  • Symbian
  • iPhone
  • Web OS

Lowest charges guaranteed!

  • No tricks.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • No signup fees.
  • No monthly or yearly fees.

Multiple payment options.

Accept payment through several channels
  • Interswitch
  • Mastercard
  • Verve cards
  • eTranzact
  • Visa cards
  • More to come...

Very simple API

Our robust developer API is built to be simple yet effective. Developers do not need to crack their brains to implement our REST API.

Free installation/integration on your website

Don't want integrate it yourself? Our professional programmers will do it for you. For free!