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Buyer and Seller Protection

We do our best to provide protection for both the seller and the buyer alike.
Some of our dispute resolution and refund processes are summarised below. Be sure to read through before filling out our dispute resolution form.

Dispute resolution

When a buyer is convinced that he has been defrauded by a seller, the buyer can fill out our dispute resolution form appriopriately within 2 days of the pruchase. We will do our best to mediate a fair resolution between both parties.

If the resolution results in a refund for the buyer, a refund of the total money less the already deducted charges will be made to the buyer. The already deducted charges will serve as a fine for the buyer while the seller may also be fined.

However, if the resolution does not result in a refund for the buyer, the seller may be fined depending on the outcome of the resolution.

Why do buyers file disputes?

  • They made payment but did not receive their purchased item(s).
  • They received their purchased item but it's different than what they paid for and/or what the seller described.

We encourage the seller and the buyer to communicate and reach a mutually agreeable resolution. This will reduce the possibility of refunds which may result in a fine for both parties.


If a buyer has filled our dispute resolution form with respect to a transaction, the buyer and/or the seller may be required to provide some or all of the following:
  • Proof of: physical postage/delivery, email delivery, refund and/or replaced product.
  • A copy of the original item description.
  • Return/Refund Policy applicable to the buyer at the time of purchase.
  • Terms and conditions agreed to by the buyer prior to purchase.

Tips for buyers

  • Record every step of the purchase including details of every transaction, the original product description, pictures of items you are buying,all email correspondence and the contact information for the seller you deal with.
  • If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Watch out for fakes
  • Ask questions. Get answers for an item from sellers before you make a purchase. Good communications help ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Look for refund or return policy. If a policy is not posted, ask the seller if there is a time-limit to return an item and whether a full refund or merchandise credit is offered.
  • Confirm authenticity. Take steps to confirm that the item is authentic.

Tips for sellers

We try our best to protect the seller. The following tips will help to reduce the possibility of a dispute:
  • Send your products to your buyers in a timely manner.
  • Provide a delivery date and method as well as a tracking number for physical goods.
  • Provide Terms of Service and/or a Return/Refund Policy.
  • Provide customer support contact information.
  • Encourage your buyers to contact you first in case of dissatisfaction.