Use Cases

Hit your sales target.

Receive payment from customers all over the world and give your customers more options to pay online with VoguePay. Easily integrate payment to your eCommerce store with any of our free plugins. Get free access to our suite of product to manage your business operations, affiliates and inventory with confidence so you can easily expand to new market and scale your business all over the world.

Improve bill payment. Reduce default rates.

Improve revenue collections by giving students and guardians convenient options of making payment online. Decrease payment default rates by sending automated payment reminders. Enable students to pay tuitions without being constrained by bank opening times while you eliminate the risk of carrying cash around. Get free dashboard access to a robust suite of intelligence about the financial health of your school.

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Improve financial inclusions among your faithfuls.

Receive funds for projects, pledges, offerings and special donations by asking members to pay online. Set up fully functional websites or app where members can buy resources or pay-walled contents like digital versions of Church magazines, CD tapes and videos of sermons. Your account gives insights into your parishioners’ giving patterns and you can provide view-only access of your account to board members to foster transparency.

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Accept donations online.

Go cashless. Accept contribution from international donors. VoguePay makes it easy for your donors to donate online with card payment, wallet transfers and bank transfers. You can accept recurring donations or one-time gifts for your missions and manage all your donation campaigns from your dashboard.

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We have you covered.

Be rest assured that VoguePay can be easily customized for your use case. Whether it is for personal or business use, you will enjoy our dedicated support. You are in good company as VoguePay supports customers across diverse industries like financial services, hospitality,FOREX, automobiles and so on. Our highly professional and dedicated customer support and technical staffs will ensure you always get the help you need, right when you need it most.

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Start sending and recieving money today

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