VoguePay Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program makes sure you earn as we grow. Refer a new user and earn 10% commission on all transaction fees on user’s account for 2 years. All you need to do is make sure your email or username is entered in the space provided during registration by your referral.

How do I refer members?

Just make sure you give them your affiliate link. You can place it on your website, send it by email, post it on your social network like Facebook and twitter or even send it by SMS.

What happens if I stop referring new members?

If you stop referring new members, you continue to earn money on every member you have already referred. Each referral will only be active for 2 years from the date of registration.

How much do I earn?

You earn 10% of VoguePay’s transaction fees on every money paid to anyone of your referrals.

How do I earn?

You earn your commission into your wallet upon every successful transaction by any member you refer.  Once they receive payment with VoguePay, your wallet is credited with your commission.

Can I withdraw my commission to my bank account?

Yes. Any money in your wallet can be withdrawn into your bank account. This includes your commission .

How do I get an affiliate link?

Your affiliate link can be found on your account dashboard page after you sign in to your voguePay account.

I clicked on my affiliate link and nothing happened.

That is because you are presently logged into VoguePay. Sign out and try it again. Afterall, the affiliate link is a means of inviting new members and should not work for already logged in members.

Where do I sign up to be an affiliate?

Every VoguePay member is an automatic affiliate. Just sign in to VoguePay and go to your account dashboard to get your affiliate link.

Why is my affiliate link so short?

We made it very short so that you can memorize it.

How can I improve or contribute to this program?

To contribute to our affiliate program, Sign in to VoguePay and submit a support ticket.
You can submit suggestions, recommendations, support requests, questions and so on.
We would love to hear from you.